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Digital Twins: Practices and Principles for High Performance Computing
DescriptionDigital twins are physically accurate virtual representations of real-world systems, providing beneficial information in actionable time by combining sensor data with surrogate models. Recent shifts in HPC combining simulation, AI, and edge computing have not only given us the opportunity to apply digital twins in science, but has also magnified their impact on global public policy and institutions, in domains including climate change, renewable energy, industry 4.0 and global healthcare. Increasingly accurate simulations become virtual sources of truth, capable of multi-physics synchrony in real world time ranging from subatomic to interstellar spaces. Digital twins in HPC are crucial to enabling breakthroughs in computational biomedicine, nuclear fusion, and building automation. This workshop will bring like minds together to identify challenges and opportunities in establishing digital twins as a common HPC practice and will highlight key principles for their use in high performance computing.
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TimeFriday, 17 November 20238:30am - 12pm MST
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